VAM Membership

• All Memberships expire December 31st of the current year.
• Full Member: Is eighteen (18) years or older, and has full privileges and
voting rights.
• Family Membership: Includes all flying members of the immediate family
(spouse and children). Each family member must have a valid AMA
membership, as defined in Article III part 2, to have full privileges and
voting rights. Children maybe included in a Family Membership until
their 25th birthday.
• Junior Member: Is younger than eighteen (18) years old, has full privileges
and voting rights.

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AMA Information
For Family Memberships please enter each family member name and AMA number:
I am aware that operating a radio-controlled model may present a hazard to participants and spectators. By filling out this form I exempt, waive, and relieve the "Valley Aero Modelers, Inc – AMA Charter Club 670", club officers, club members, field site owners and site operators of any current and/or future liability from personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death.

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